Workers Compensation

Wedgewood's Workers Compensation team works closely with employers, insurance companies, and rehabilitation consultants to ensure that the process following an injury is relatively problem-free. 
We encourage patient involvement in the treatment process as part of an ongoing effort to improve our services resulting in earlier rehabilitation, return to work, and ultimately, overall healthcare savings.

Wedgewood's Occupational Healthcare Program is comprehensive and designed to help injured employees quickly return to work. It is our mission to provide an occupational healthcare program that delivers quality-driven medical outcomes focused on providing exemplary patient care. Our program is designed to quickly return an injured employee to maximum employment potential.


Commonly Treated Problems:

• Neck and back injuries

• Hand, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle injuries.

• Sprains, strains, muscle injuries

• Fractures and dislocations

• Repetitive motion injuries

• Carpal tunnel syndrome


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